14 Posts to Share on Facebook for Real Estate Professionals

Facebook is a phenomenal marketing tool for real estate professionals. It can help you connect with buyers and sellers in your market in ways a billboard with a big, toothy smile never could. It’s not, however, a place to simply throw up your latest listings and brag about how many deals you’ve closed.

Effective Facebook marketing for real estate professionals depends a great deal on the type of content you post. Buying or selling a home is a huge life decision, meaning your prospective customers want to work with real estate pros they can trust. You can position yourself as a friendly and knowledgeable real estate brand by sharing original or curated content that’s helpful, informative, and entertaining.

According to Jessica Swesey, staff writer for real estate news site Inman News, “a sound approach to content can help create authenticity and authority.” Share great real estate content on Facebook and you’ll position yourself as a trustworthy, safe-to-buy-a-home-from real estate brand. Content marketing on Facebook is a real estate agent’s secret weapon.

Want to build trust with your audience and create top-of-mind awareness for your real estate brand? Want to be one of the top real estate pages to ‘like’ on Facebook?

Here are 14 types of posts to share on Facebook for real estate professionals that will help position you as the go-to brand in your market:

  1. Happy Customers

Those look like some happy folks, huh? New homeowners are brand ambassadors to the max. Share pictures of happy homeowners and your prospective customers will imagine themselves standing in front of a beautiful new home you just might happen to be selling. Bonus points if you can get a cute dog in the shot.

  1. Market Conditions

What better way to establish your position as an expert real estate brand than to share juicy information about the local market? Your audience will appreciate the insight and will be more likely to turn to you when the time is right.

  1. Holidays

Holidays are a great topic to post about for any brand, but particularly beneficial to real estate professionals. Holiday themed Facebook posts will identify you as a brand with a festive spirit. Not only that, but holidays, decorating, and partying are a huge part of owning a home. Because what’s the point of having a nice new home if you can’t throw sweet parties in it?

  1. Home Improvement Tips

You don’t need to live in a rusty, dilapidated shack to need home improvement tips. Your prospective customers are looking to improve their living situation, so why not provide them with tips that will help them improve their homes one fence post or ceiling fan at a time? Post home improvement tips and customers will see you as a brand that values its customers (and seriously hates chipped paint and cluttered cabinets).

  1. Company Get-togethers

Your team is your brand. Show your audience the human side of your real estate business by posting photos from fun company events and parties. Groups of smiling agents will do wonders for engagement. Note: Be careful not to post photos of your team having TOO much fun, if you catch my drift.

  1. Snazzy Interiors/Exteriors

Want to illicit ooh’s and aah’s from your audience? Post interior/exterior photos of beautiful/fancy/funky homes. Eye-catching photos are key to engagement on social media, and impressive home photos are a surefire way to excite customers with home ownership on the mind.

  1. Video

If you can’t be with your customers in person, do the next best thing and share video clips. Whether it’s a spotlight on a local issue as shown above or a walkthrough of your office, video is the fancy fireplace in the home you call a Facebook page.

  1. Listing Galleries

Every once in a while, it’s totally cool to straight-up sell on Facebook. Just don’t be boring. Throw up high-quality images of your properties and make buyers drool. A gallery of professionally shot photos will domore for your brand than static classified ads of yore.

  1. Local Business Highlights

Prove to your audience that you’re a hometown hero by posting photos of popular and new local businesses. You’ll give more reason for out-of-towners to move in and let existing residents know you’re a legit local business that knows where to get a decent hot dog.

  1. Comparisons

Curtains or blinds? Tasteful prints or big velvet paintings of Elvis? People are particular about the way they decorate and arrange their homes. Throw up some A vs. B comparison photos as in the post above and you’re guaranteed to get a response from a slew of amateur interior decorators.

  1. Open House Announcements

You’re hosting an open house but you haven’t alerted your Facebook audience? Shame on you! In all seriousness, Facebook is a great way to promote an upcoming open house. What better way to hook bored social users than to offer free cheese and wine?

  1. Real Estate Pro in Real Life

Want to show your audience you’re a real estate pro they can trust? Give buyers and sellers a glimpse into your personal life! Post photos from your daily life and you’ll be seen as more authentic and approachable. Just make sure you don’t post photos of yourself sprawled out on the couch eating potato chips.

  1. Local News/Spotlights

Would you trust a New York City real estate agency who couldn’t tell you where to find the Statue of Liberty? Of course not! Show your audience that you love your hometown and are up to date on local goings-on by posting links to relevant articles and blog posts about your area.

  1. Humor

Buying or selling a home can be a stressful event. Provide your audience with some much-needed levity by posting humorous content on your Facebook page. Customers will see you as a fun, down-to-earth brand. Because who are you more likely to trust: a smug, stone-faced agent or an agent who can make rain gutters and walk-in closets seem downright hilarious?

Share original or curated content on Facebook that serves a purpose, whether it’s to inspire, inform, or entertain. The right Facebook content can boost engagement and help create top-of-mind awareness for your real estate brand. Content marketing is a whole lot easier than knocking on random houses and asking “So, you wanna sell this place?”

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